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Noize-09 has started a donation pool!
501 / 2,000
i know the amount is high and i doubt ill reach it
but, i wana be able to start doing something and finally get a premium membership.....
contests, idk something but i need points for prizes.
and i have no way of getting them myself. so... thats where the donation part comes in.
thanks :)…

also i guess this can be my tip jar in a way X) if u think im doin good if not eh ok

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Beyns thoughts  by Noize-09
Beyns thoughts
While waiting on a friend at at a tattoo shop, and trying to come up with a design for my next tattoo (a cover up for a piece that didn't turn out right...) I ended up doodling this.

The lyrics jes signing are from anthem by Kamelot
Sketch trials  by Noize-09
Sketch trials
Haven't drawn much of really anything in a long time so this is my attempt at... Well.. Something. Had to take it with my phone so res is probably not that great if at all....
hello! i dont really know if anyone even still checks my page anymore (I dont come online much if at all since my time went to none for a good.... 5-6 months :c) but as of right now i should be one at least weekly?:D (maybe! epends on how class goes .-.
  • Mood: Homesick
  • Listening to: Rain (by Hollywood Undead)
  • Watching: memories replay in my mind
  • Playing: with my heart strings
hey y'all i gotta question.

what if...

i started doing Videos. of me drawing, answering questions. Vlogs. that type of stuff? 
would any of yall watch ? or should i just stick to the whole arting factor 

i mean i have nothing but hours of down time most days and especially at night. because well...
i havent been very successful at gettign a decent 8 hours a night. so what else is there to do? 
give me suggestions y'all cause i need something to break the dull repetition of wake up, run (or go to training), home, bed repeat. 
my art has lost its meaning because all ive managed is smiling faces that the eyes hold empty emotion. and the same repetitive scenes. 

a couple standing together, or holding each other. 
someone standing alone staring aimlessly in a direction. or just the same old repetition of me redrawing my designs. 

but im getting off topic. if i did post videos. what would y'all want? 


Digi (complex)
lined and cleaned up in MSpaint, with more shading and background (if requested)
- once again it takes me a good bit longer so a bit more pricey
digi (simple)
lined and cleaned up in MSpaint and basic coloring and shading
sketch (colored)
these take a good bit longer because I tend to get very perfectionist on them thus why they cost more.
basic black and white sketch
- please give as much detail in your description of what you want, I can not read your minds so add in any and ALL specifics of what you want.


what is it?
always loved drawing, though im not as good as i wish i could be. im mostly inspired by songs or by other artists drawings. my friends always said that they were great but i wanted more poeple to give me there honest opinion on them.

i can take requests but i may reject some if they prove too dificult for me to draw. (not likely i lways try to see a project to the end im stuborn that way)

please give me your opinion on my drawings so i know how to improve my drawings or my stories i post in my journal. i am always willing to improve my drawings in anyway possible:]

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